SIM PUK Codes all Network | PUK Code Finder All Sim Card – Sim detail

Sim puk codes all network information is available in the article, so if you are looking for detail of such puk code finder then keep reading this article and get necessary detail about sim puk code all network. Everyone should be aware from sim puk numbers because sometimes, by entering wrong pin (personal identification number) multiple times, your sim can be blocked, so puk code unlock will be beneficial for you to unblock the sim.

SIM PUK Codes all Network | PUK Code Finder All Sim Card - Sim detail

If you are suffering from such situation and you are unaware from puk codes then here complete list of puk codes all network is described, you will be helped according your sim. In this article, you will be provided with complete detail as what are the puk codes, what its importance, puk code iphone, Vodafone puk code, airtel puk codde, bsnl puk code and other sim cards.

It is known that every single person has mobile phone either smart phone or keypad, sim is the basic part of mobile phone because it provides network, but if you forget your mobile pin and by entering wrong pin again and again, then it is possible that your sim can be blocked, and without sim card, your mobile phone is useless. So, if you will aware from puk code then you will solve your problem in few mints.

What is Sim PUk Codes?

Personal unblocking key or puk code can be regarded as security feature, that is used by mobile phone to protect the sim card from unauthorized access. When your mobile phone is locked by entering wrong pins multiple times then puk codes are the source to unlock the mobile phone.

If you entering the wrong pin three times then there is possibility that your sim card can be blocked so by entering puk code, you will unlock the sim card. It is usually provided by mobile phone provider, and typically consists of numeric code up to 8 digits.

It’s important to note that entering the wrong PUK code multiple times can permanently disable your SIM card, so it’s essential to obtain the correct PUK code from your mobile phone provider and enter it carefully to avoid any issues. If you are unable to locate your PUK code or if you have any questions or issues, it’s best to contact your mobile phone provider for assistance.

PUK Code Importance

Puk code is very important for security and sim protection purpose. Some point for sim puk codes all network importance. PUK code is important for SIM card protection, privacy protection, theft prevention, user authentication, and network security. It is crucial to keep the PUK code safe and not share it with unauthorized individuals to maintain the security and privacy of your mobile phone and SIM card.

Sim card protection

By entering wrong pin, your sim can be blocked and by using puk code you can unblock the mobile phone and protect your personal information. This protects the sim card from unlawful access and personal information that stored in your sim card.

Privacy Protection

Mobile phones are often used to protect the personal information and sensitive data such as sim owner details contacts, messages, and financial data, puk code add additional layer of protection.

Theft Protection

If you loss or theft your mobile phone, then puk code also help you to prevent your data as unauthorized use of the SIM card by locking it after multiple incorrect PIN attempts. This makes it difficult for thieves to use the stolen phone to make calls or access personal information.

Network Security

The puk code is an important security key for mobile network operator as well, which helps protect their network from fraudulent activities, such as SIM card cloning or unauthorized use of SIM cards

How to Get SIM PUK Codes all Network?

To get sim puk codes all network by given method which will work for you find your network and follow the instruction to get sim pin

Ufone PUK Code

The ufone user who have blocked their sim card by entering wrong pin and now searching for ufone puk code and don’t know how to check so here are the steps you can get easily ufone sim puk code.

  • Type *336#
  • Reply with 1 to open your (Account Details)
  • New tab will Open now reply with 00 to open the “More” settings.
  • Reply with 8 to get the official “PIN & PUK Code”.
  • Ufone SIM PUK Code will appear on your mobile screen

Jazz PUK Code

The jazz sim user who has forget their sim puk code and now want to get jazz puk code for various perpose so they can try the jazz sim default code which will work only jazz active sim jazz sim user these default puk code which are 99999999, PUK2 code 56789123 and PIN 2 code is 1234


Incase your sim has been blocked due to any reason and required puk code to open so you need to follow below instruction and get your jazz sim puk code easily.

  • Call Jazz customer support helpline by dialing 111 from other Jazz SIM then Press 0, or from a landline or another mobile network dial 111300300 or if you are calling from cities other than Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi then add +92 or 0 before the number
  • Customer service re presenter will verify your details such as name mother name date of birth etc
  • Once SIM Owner verification is completed, Mobilink Customer Care Representative will provide you required information (Jazz PIN/PUK Code)

Zong Puk Code

Zong sim user searching for their sim puk codes to unlock sim so they can follow the below guide to get the zong sim puk code.

  • Send SMS <PUK> <Zong Number whose PUK Code unlocked> to 308 from another Zong number.
  • Example: PUK 031xxxxxxx and send this SMS to 308.
  • You will receive a PUK code for that number.


  • Call to zong customer support helpline number at 310
  • Zong customer support will verify your details like name,mother name etc
  • After verifying zong representater will provide you zong puk code
  • Dial 111-222-111 from any landline/mobile number (with the area code).

Telenor puk code

Telenor Sim user can obtain their Telenor puk code using  different method which are describe below all of these method will work to get sim puk code.

Telenor PUK Code using USSD

  • Type code *710# from your Telenor sim
  • Menu will show with PIN / PUK information, Number Status, Number Blocking, Number Unblocking Request, Package Plan details etc.
  • Reply with desired query i.e 1, 2 or 3 and then press OK
  • Afterwards, it will ask you to enter Phone Number
  • Enter OK

You will be received all the information related to your Telenor PIN / PUK code along with other details.

Telenor PUK Code by SMS

  • Send SMS Write PUK and Mobile number to 785
  • Format to write sms PUK 0345XXXXXXX send it to 785

Before applying this method, Telenor sim must be active in your mobile


If you don’t get your Telenor sim puk code then follow this last method to get Telenor puk code easily.

  • Dial 345 or if you are dialing from another network then call 042 111 345 100 or 051 111 345 100
  • You will be asked to provide required information for the verification & authentication of SIM Ownership such as Name / CNIC etc.
  • Once done successfully, Telenor customer service representer will provide you the information related to your Telenor SIM PUK code.

Airtel Puk code

Airtel sim user who want to obtain sim puk code can follow these method and get sim puk code

Airtel Sim Puk Code by SMS

  • Find another Airtel SIM Card
  • Look for the PUK code will be on the backside of the SIM body
  • Type your locked phone number and send it to 785 via SMS
  • Now, type with PUK > <Space> 15-digit SIM number and send it to 121
  • Airtel will instantly send you an 8-digit code; this will be your PUK code
  • Enter the code into your locked Airtel mobile, and it will be unlocked

Airtel Puk Code By USSD

This is very sim method to get puk code of airtel but using this method your airtel sim must be activated

  • Dial *121*51#
  • Press ‘OK’ on the pop that appears on the screen
  • Similarly, another pop-up will appear on the screen
  • Select the PUK option, which will appear at number 3
  • Enter your D.O.B. to verify your identity
  • Your new PUK code will be shown to you on your screen
  • Enter it on your mobile device to unlock your Airtel SIM

Airtel Puk Code Online Check

If you have internet facility visit the website to unlock your SIM Card is another option:

  1. Visit the official Airtel Website 
  2. User must have an account on airtel official website
  3. The phone number associated with the account will appear on the screen
  4. The website will show the IMEI number of the device and the PUK Code of Airtel SIM
  5. Enter it to unlock your Airtel SIM Card

Vodafone puk code

Those Vodafone sim users want to check their sim number puk code can get details using given instruction.

  • Dial 199 from Vodafone sim or +91 9820098200 from any other network.
  • Click the button that will connect the Vodafone helpline
  • Vodafone CSR will ask to verify the details
  • Provide all the answered to all of those questions and note down the PUK code told by the customer care.
  • After verifying details, you will get the Vodafone puk code
  • Enter puk code into the locked mobile to unlock it.

BSNL Puk code

BSNL sim user can get their sim puk code by following below instruction

  • Type Sms PUK <19 Digit SIM Number>   
  • Sent to 53733
  • You will get receive sms with bsnk puk code details


  • Dial 1503 or 1800-180-1503 from your BSNL mobile or landline number to reach BSNL’s customer care helpline.
  • When you are connected to a customer care representative, you will be asked to provide details such as your BSNL mobile number, SIM card number, and other personal information to verify your identity. Make sure to provide accurate information to complete the authentication process.
  • Once your identity is verified, you can request for your BSNL PUK code from the customer care representative. You may be asked to provide reasons for needing the PUK code, such as if you have entered the wrong PIN multiple times and your SIM card is blocked.
  • The customer care representative will provide you with the BSNL PUK code. Make sure to write it down carefully as it is a unique code that is used to unlock your SIM card.
  • Insert your BSNL SIM card into your mobile phone and enter the PUK code when prompted. Follow the on-screen instructions to set a new PIN for your SIM card.

T Mobile Puk Code

T mobile network user who wants to get t mobile puk code can get their sim puk code by by dialing 0845 412 5000 from any landline and request for sim puk code to t mobile csr after verifying will provide you sim puk code

Verizon puk code

  • Dial 611 from your mobile phone using Verizon sim or (800) 922-0204 from any other network phone to connect with customer care.
  • Mention that you Verizon sim card is puk locked and request for verizon PUK code.
  • Verizon customer service representer asked for some details to verify your identity for security purpose
  • Now, Enter the puk code in to your locked mobile phone.
  • The phone will request you to set new PIN number.
  • Reset your PIN number with new one and remember it.
  • Now your phone will be unlocked and you can use it normal

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