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The usage of cell phone and sim card growing day by day but it is also necessary to check about sim number tracker in this age because the user of cell phone received alots of unknown calls from multiple numbers in Pakistan,india and others countries where sim and mobile phone exist.Many of them who received alots of unknown calls from different networks cause irritated when some new numbers calls again and again due to lack of information they don’t know who is calling you.

SIM Number Tracker 2024 | Mobile Number Tracker Check Owner Name,CNIC,Address and Location

But now this possible to track someone number easily there are alots of tools available on internet which helps to get sim information.There are also paid number tracker tools also provide the service to check sim owner details just putting sim number.

Those who don’t know how to trace number in Pakistan and other countries after reading this article they would be able to get sim information system access online and teach here how to use online sim database for finding mobile number detail with name and address.For the facilitation of sim user now government and sim provided companies also offers to check sim details online by using different method and techniques.This is a public information for every individual to check sim data and the other ways live sim tracking system also use to find the lost device and others where sim tracking system were installed.

Every country has different mobile companies and sim number with different codes like Pakistani network start from +92 and others countries start from different. So this is most important these information for specific countries base on country operators.In Pakistan to verify mobile phone numbers how many no of sim are register on cnic use and others method.Using Pakistan mobile number tracker, we can check mobile phones number details.

How to trace mobile number in Pakistan?

There is multiple method to find sim information and that works in specific situation and the some of method works you must have required sim in your phone to check sim owner name.But here sim detail will provide every single method of sim number tracker which help to trace sim in simple steps. You can use the mobile number tracker to study the phone settings in addition to collecting figure information.

Many of online website and application also assist the users to get current location, address, and name.These applications have to access the sim database of all network with the help of database that provide the sim details cnic and others important information just putting the mobile sim numbers.

Sim number tracker with name and address

There are different type of sim number tracker tools now available online which works on GSM sim number.These tools works on different techniques like google map and others android base applications some are free and one of them offers paid service.If you want to Sim number tracker with name and address then you must have knowledge about live sim trackers which help to find sim detail by just entering the mobile number in search area.

The pakistani networks such as Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone, Zong and Warid have combined database with nadra and Pakistan telecommunication authority manage these networks and before that PTA also has been introduced sim verification system for their pakistani network users after using sim information system user would be able to get details of no of sim register against cnic.

To find the real time location of any number so it is necessary cell phone must be connected with internet after that sim tracker can be used to trace live number location by using GPS technology but this is not easy for every user you must have advance knowledge about tracking system.

However, the Mobile number tracker will find out the city in which the mobile number entered is listed in and provides you with details. The registration location can also be tracked with the help of company. Complete specifics on where the cellular user is during the call or message will be added in the days ahead.

These are maintained by these providers on a verification basis on the basis of the verification address required while pursuing the SIM card.

Mobile Number Tracker with Current Location online

Where technology growing and the world distance removing now global world is connected with the help of technology there are alots of tools has been launch for Mobile number tracker with current location online no one can stay away from friends and family to find the person with the help of mobile number is easy you just need to enter the number of desired person in online tracking tool and get complete details of location home address and reach with the help of goolge map.

Sim Number Tracker app

Many of Sim Number Tracker app has been published on goolge play store like sim owner details apk and Truecaller app which are smartphone application that allows users to identify calls and messages.Here we will provide complete detail about truecaller sim number app which is most famous app to get the user data of unknown calls and messaging just one click and this application comes with unlimited advance features.The app compares the number to its database and displays information about the caller on the screen, even if the number is not saved in the user’s contacts. This feature is particularly useful for identifying spam and telemarketing calls, as well as calls from unknown numbers.

Here are the top features of true caller sim number tracker app:

  • Caller ID: Truecaller identifies incoming calls and shows the name and profile picture of the caller, even if the number is not saved in the user’s contacts. This feature helps users avoid unwanted calls and identify calls from unknown numbers.
  • Spam and Fraud Detection: Truecaller has a database of phone numbers that have been identified as spam or fraudulent by other users. The app automatically identifies and blocks these numbers to protect users from scams and unwanted calls.
  • Call Blocking: Truecaller allows users to block calls from specific numbers, as well as entire categories of calls such as telemarketing calls.
  • Message Blocking: Users can also block unwanted SMS and MMS messages with Truecaller.
  • Number Search: Truecaller has a built-in phone number search feature that allows users to search for phone numbers and people.
  • Personal Profile: Users can create a personal profile on the app that includes their name, photo, and other information. Other Truecaller users can search for and connect with them using this profile.
  • Flash Messaging: Truecaller allows users to send pre-defined messages to friends and family with just a single tap.

PTA mobile number tracker

PTA does not officially offers the facility to track mobile number Pakistan Telecommunication authority just provide the access to verify the number details how many sims are register on your cnic card from different networks.

Mobile number tracker with google map

In the age of technology no one can be hide from any one this is due to the live tracking system through internet by using sim card.There are several mobile number tracking services are available that can provide the location of a mobile phone number using Google Maps. In the simple query we can say”Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps” by “Mobile Number Tracker Location”. But the accuracy of these mobile number tracking services can vary depending on various factors such as the strength of the mobile phone signal, the location of the mobile tower, and the type of mobile phone being used. Also, it’s important to respect people’s privacy and only use these services for legitimate purposes.

You can track the mobile number with google map by following below steps:

  • Open your web browser and go to the website “”.
  • Enter the mobile phone number you want to track in the search box.
  • Click on the “Track” button.
  • The website will start searching for the location of the mobile number and will display it on the map.
  • You can zoom in or out on the map to get a closer or broader view of the location.

Trace mobile number with name of person

Trace mobile number with name of person is generally not possible because trace a mobile number with just the name of a person is not sufficient data due to the same name of persons in countries there of hundreds of same name person live so there is must difficult to trace number with name of person.But if are willing to trace someone so you must have different information about person which one you want to track like name and father name or cnic base on these information you can find out detail of sim.

However, there are some ways to trace a mobile number such as using a opposite phone lookup service or a people search website. These services use publicly available information and data from various sources to provide information about a phone number, including the name of the person associated with it. But the accuracy and availability of this information can vary, and it may not always be up to date or correct.

FAQs on SIM Number Tracker

What is a SIM number tracker?

A SIM number tracker is a tool or service that enables you to locate a mobile phone’s SIM card’s location.

Can you track a phone number with a SIM number tracker?

No, a SIM number tracker can only locate the physical location of the SIM card inserted in a phone, not the phone number.

How can I track the location of my lost or stolen phone using a SIM number tracker?

You can use a SIM number tracker to determine the location of the SIM card in the lost or stolen phone. However, this may not necessarily mean that you will be able to locate the phone itself, as the SIM card could have been removed or the phone turned off.

Is it legal to track someone’s SIM card without their consent?

It depends on the laws in your jurisdiction. In some places, tracking someone’s SIM card without their consent is illegal, while in others, it may be permissible under certain circumstances, such as in the case of a lost or stolen phone.

What are some popular SIM number trackers?

Some popular SIM number trackers include Mobile Number Tracker, Find My Device by Google, and SIM Tracker by iSMS. However, it’s important to note that these tools may not always be accurate or reliable.

How does a mobile number tracker work?

A mobile number tracker uses the GPS or Wi-Fi signals of the mobile phone to locate its position. The tracker then sends this information to a server, which you can access through a website or an app.

Can You track a phone without installing an app?

Yes, you can track a phone without installing an app by using a website that provides mobile number tracking services. However, the accuracy of the tracking may not be as precise as it would be with an app.

Are mobile number trackers free?

A: Some mobile number trackers are free, while others may charge a fee for their services. Free trackers may have limited features or may show ads.

Can I track a phone using only its phone number?

No, you cannot track a phone using only its phone number. You need a mobile number tracker that uses the GPS or Wi-Fi signals of the phone to track its location.

Can I track a phone that is turned off?

No, you cannot track a phone that is turned off. The phone needs to be turned on and connected to a network in order to be tracked.

How accurate are mobile number trackers?

The accuracy of a mobile number tracker depends on several factors, such as the quality of the GPS or Wi-Fi signal and the location of the phone. In general, mobile number trackers can provide an accuracy of within a few meters to a few hundred meters.

Can We track a phone in another country?

Yes, you can track a phone in another country as long as the phone is connected to a network and the mobile number tracker has access to that network. However, the accuracy of the tracking may be affected by the quality of the network and other factors.

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