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If any unknown person is teasing you through an unknown number and you want to check sim owner name then you will find the solution of your problem here. As we know technology is getting more advanced day by day and the cases of blackmailing, harassing, kidnapping are increasing. Mostly people are blackmailed by different unknown numbers and you get easily prey of them because they have some information about you. Now you can easily know the details of any sim owner by using different methods. You can get their information address and location by sitting at home.

Check SIM Owner Name & Details - Jazz Zong Ufone Telenor
Check SIM Owner Name & Details – Jazz Zong Ufone Telenor

You no need to go anywhere and waste your time in searching that person because you will get each and everything for checking sim owner name on this platform. We will tell you all the ways through which you can get easy access to the sim owner. Sim owner information is the first step which help you to reach that unknown person because that person information leads you to capture the culprit.

Now checking the details of all network sims is one step away due to advanced technology. You will know how to contact customer support of all sim network? How to check number of registered sims on their CNIC? How to trace the owner location? The answers of all these questions will briefly explained in this article.

Stay connected with us on this platform to check sim owner name, sim owner details, owner location, number of registered sims and customer support of all networks. Beside this we will discover new methods to protect our privacy and make ourself safe form blackmailers and such type of crime activities.  

How to Check SIM Owner Name?

Users want to check sim owner name then more following check sim are given below in lines:

  • Open the messaging app on mobile phone.
  • Create a new message.
  • In the recipient field, type “667”.
  • In the message body, type “MNP”.
  • Send the message.
  • Wait for a response. User will receive a message containing the SIM owner’s name and CNIC number associated with the particular SIM.

Check SIM Owner Details with Name Online

There are many Android apps and software solutions accessible. Users want to check the sim owner name by mobile number online. The majority of these apps have yet to receive approval from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

It’s important to note that the law as it stands now only permits the registration of five SIMs under one identity. Never forget to use caution and confirm the validity of any software.

Sim Verification with PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Users can need to follow these steps for verifying the SIMs on CNIC card number.


Users can check their phone number which is registered on their CNIC number by sending their CNIC number at 6001 from a SIM registered on the same CNIC number.


The users can send an SMS to 7751. In reply the system tells the customer if the number in use is bio metrically verified or not. Beside this they provide you the detail of that number the owner name address etc.


Users can send message or Dial a code *336#, a menu will appear at which Type 1. And they will receive the verification status of the number.

Importance of SIM Card Registration:

  • By linking SIM cards to verified identities.
  • The authorities can effectively track down candidates engaging in illegal activities through their phones.
  • Verified SIM card ownership promotes user safety by deterring criminal activity such as phone scams and cybercrime.
  • Knowing the registered owner empowers users to report any suspicious activity.
  • Registered SIM cards foster user accountability by tracing phone usage back to a specific identity.

How to Check SIM Owner Name and CNIC of Any Mobile Number?

  • To send an SMS to 667, write “MNP” in a new message that you compose using your SIM card.
  • Forward the SMS: Proceed to send the message to the short code 667 after typing “MNP”.
  • Obtain Knowledge: Await the reply.
  • You don’t have to write anything in the message box.

Check owner detail by using mobile apps

You no need to worry for knowing the information of any sim owner because lots of mobile applications are available on google play store, Appstore, and google chrome which helps you to check the name of owner and his identity of any sim. By using some of these applications you can also locate them easily.

  • You simply go to the google play store and search sim checker
  • Here you find first application
  • You just have to install that application
  • Open that application
  • Here you are given search bar where you have to put that number
  • You will be displayed with the complete information of the owner of that sim number
  • You can also trace their location easily through this application

This is not only application through which you can check the sim owner details. There are many other applications available on different platforms by using these one you can get the owner details and their complete address easily.

FAQs on Check Sim Owner Detail

How can I find SIM owner details?

You can find SIM owner details by sending an SMS with the word “MNP” to 667.

How to check SIM card details?

You can check SIM card details by entering your CNIC or mobile number to 667 online Sim database platforms.

How to check Zong SIM owner name?

You can check the Zong SIM owner name by sending an empty message to 667.

How to check UFone SIM owner name?

You can check the UFone SIM owner name by dialing *336# from your UFone number and selecting option 1 for “My Info”.

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