Check Sim Owner Name by Mobile Number Online

Do you want to check sim owner name by mobile number online then is right website where you will get sim database online with sim owner name address and other important detail.Mobile number or mobile phones have become an important part of lives. Users can use them for communication and browsing the internet. It is unique to ensure the security and authenticity of our SIM owner name by mobile number.

Check Sim Owner Name by Mobile Number Online

Therefore, sim owner name to Check ownership of any mobile number in Pakistan. There are simple and easy the real owner of a mobile number. Mobile phone users can easily check the SIM owner name and CNIC number.

Every mobile device has a unique identifier called an International Mobile Subscriber Identity. This is stored on a small chip known as a SIM card. The SIM number is a unique 15-digit code that represents and is used to identify the IMSI.

So, user can check the SIM owner details name and CNIC number with a simple method. All candidates need to do is send an SMS with the text “MNP” to 667 from his SIM. This service is available for all subscribers off Jazz, Ufone, Zong, and Telenor.

SIM Owner Details Check with Name Online

There are many Android apps download and software solutions is accessible then user want to check sim owner detail name online by mobile number. The majority of these android apps have to receive approval from the PTA.

So, This wonderful procedure removes the burden of copious documentation and offers a handy means of obtaining necessary SIM details in Pakistan. To obtaining SIM owner information name is now much easier.

Check SIM Number with Name Address

SIM cards number without registration was possible but only five SIMs can be registered under one name. However, due to the increase in unauthorized SIM card use in the country of the Pakistan.

Telecommunication Authority requires users to register their SIM cards. The most of these apps are not approved by PTA, then they can still offer them with the necessary information.

How to Check SIM Owner Name by Mobile Number Online

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s online verification facilities, obtaining SIM owner information is now more simple and to search the CNIC and SIM owner details by number:

  • Send an SMS to 667, write “MNP” in a new message that compose using SIM card.
  • To send the message to proceed the short code 667 after typing “MNP”.
  • A message with the name of the SIM owner associated with the specific SIM number are using will be sent.

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