SIM Information System | Online Check Sim Number through CNIC

PTA Pakistan Telecommunication authority which responsible to control all telecom sector and now introduced the SIM Information System that will help the user to check the sim activation in simple way we can say the sim of verification against your cnic can be check from there by using sim information system 668.PTA sim information is very helpful for every user to no of sims against his/her cnic online.

SIM Information System | Online Check Sim Number through CNIC

This sim database online specially design for all network users can easily check sim owner details just providing their identity card number by following below given instructions Sim information System on provide only Pakistani network data foreigner also can find out sim information using foreign ID provided by company.

What is SIM Information System?

Sim information system is helpful program which has been introduced by Pakistan telecommunication authority for the all network user to check the how many number of sim are registered against their cnic.Sim information system basically a database to design check and verify sim. Every mobile phone user needed to register their mobile phones and their sims in Pakistan.

How SIM Information System Works?

PTA sim information system is an online management system which offer the service every sim user to ensure the sim active against his cnic. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA make sure that all mobile phone subscribers in the country are correctly registered and verified with authority. For this purpose government launch this system online user can enter cnic and find the number of sim how much he has been activated that also help and reduce the illegal use of sim.

How to Check the Number of Active SIMs against your CNIC?

Sim information system PTA

There are two ways to check number of active sim against your cnic and both method fully describe below one of you can use to check sim verification and number of sim with your cnic card.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA  668

If you have not any internet connection and want to very your sim number against your cnic then follow below instruction and verify sim number.

  • Open Message Box on your mobile
  • Click on “New Message” or “+” sign
  • Type your CNIC Number
  • And Send to 668

    You’ll receive the reply with information of all Sims on your National Identity Card (CNIC).

Nadra sim information has provide the facility to any sim network user to verify the sim number against your id card.This online work for locally and internationally by using below steps you can check sim data.

 For Pakistani

  • Visit the website:
  • Enter your CNIC number without — Dash
  • Verify that you’re not a robot
  • Enter Submit Button.

    You’ll get information of all the sims registered against your CNIC number

For foreigner

  • Firstly, visit the website:
  • Enter your Foreign ID
  • Verify that you’re not a robot
  • Click on Submit button

    You’ll get information on all the sims registered against your CNIC number.

Sim Information with Number

There are different source are available on internet which provide sim information with number you can take benefits from them to take information by entering mobile number which one is online sim database where you can complete information sim owner name of all network.Some application with name of pak sim data available on google play store you can also download and check sim information.

Sim Information System apk

Sim information system app also has been introduced to check all sim information with the help of app.This application help the sim user to check sim current status like packages and others details.By using this app you can find the below details

  • Mobile phone’s SIM card information details
  • Account balance
  • Check your operator name
  • Data usage
  • Package details
  • And Much more

Online Check Sim Number through CNIC

If you want to check online Check Sim Number through CNIC Visit the PTA SIM Information System website Go to Enter your CNIC number 13-digit CNIC number in the provided field.

Complete a simple verification process, typically involving entering a code from a CAPTCHA image.Click “Search” to view a list of active SIM numbers currently registered against your CNIC. The results usually include:Network operator (Jazz, Telenor, Zong, Ufone, etc.)

FAQs on SIM Information System

Why is the use of SIM information System?

There are multiple uses of sim information in Pakistan PTA introduced this system to verify the number of sims on cnic and in other countries may also use it to prevent the illegal activities like, fraud, and harassment. It helps the authorities to trace the ownership of a SIM card and take necessary action against the criminal.

How does SIM Information System work?

Sim information system is online sim database which may store sim owner personal details like name, address, and ID proof. The telecom operator then verifies the details and registers the SIM card in the SIM Information System database.

Can I use sim information system to get sim data?

No, without the permission of authority you can not get any sim data but many of other online tools are available that offers sim related service some are free and some are paid.

 What are the benefits of SIM Information System?

A: SIM Information System helps in reducing the misuse of SIM cards for illegal activities. It also helps in providing better security to the citizens of the country. In case of any security issues, the authorities can easily trace the ownership of a SIM card and take necessary action against the culprit.

Can I update my information in the SIM Information System database?

Yes, you can update your information in the SIM Information System database by visiting the nearest telecom operator’s store and submitting the updated details along with the necessary documents.

 Is my information in the SIM Information System database safe?

Yes, your information in the SIM Information System database is safe and secure. The telecom operators are required to comply with the data privacy laws of the country and ensure that the database is not misused.

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