How to Check Ufone Sim Number Details 2024 | Ufone Number Check Code

Are you searching for How to check ufone sim number details and further information? This question is rising in mind of that person who forgot his sim number and know looking for any method by which they can find out their number by various methods which are described in this article. In this article, you will know that if your sim card has no balance, and you forgot your mobile number, and you cannot make call to another, so here we providing you such methods. This post is for solution of such problems.

How to Check Ufone Sim Number Details with Code

If you want to remain in touch with social media and for entertainment, you need a sim card. Every telecom company wants their sims active. They don’t want that their sim off network so every company has its own code which help the users to know their number without any balance if they do not know or forgot. Ufone has its own status and biggest telecom company inn Pakistan that has 3G license for its customers and it has MNP code for forgotten sim number.

Sim cards having most crucial and basic identity information like serial numbers and identifying codes. By the help of sim cards, you make to access anyone sitting in any corner of world. You remain in touch with social media and get awareness from your surroundings, but you can avail from sim card if you know what is its number then how to check ufone sim number detail. Sim cards are for the purpose of international identification.

Subscriber Identity Module, sim card can be switched easily from one device to another and this portability of data offers a number of advantages. But sometime, people forget their and they are worried that how to check ufone sim number detail.

Here some steps are given, by following these you can get the answer of this question as how to check ufone sim number details and related some important information, so read this content and avail yourself.

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How to Check Ufone Sim Number Details?


  • If you have simple or smart mobile phone, you just open the call dialer
  • Then dial *780*3# and tap on the call icon.
  • Then your correct number will be on your screen and you will aware your lost number


  • There is another method as you just open your message app and compose a message.
  • After write an MNP in the text and send to it on 667
  • After few mints you will receive a message from a service with detail about user name, CNIC, and sim was activated.
  • But there is condition that, it require some charges.


  • One of the easiest methods to check your sim detail, and number, just dial *1# and get you ufone number on your screen.


There is another method as you have to dial 333 which is a ufone helpline to check out detail of sim. For this purpose, you have to follow the instruction provided by ufone operator and render all the details that are asked from you and the operator will share all the details like Sim owner name, mobile number, etc. with you.


There is another method to check sim owner details online by visiting the official website of Ufone. If You are worried about that how to check Ufone Sim Number information then don’t worry. You have to visit the official website of Ufone operators then Navigate to the Helpline or Support Button. Now you have to Enter your CNIC number. If you have registered the Number against your Cnic then you will be able to get all the information otherwise no information will be provided to you.

How To Check Ufone SIM Number With No Balance?

How to check ufone sim number without balance, then follow given steps, as you can find out your number by my ufone app. This will be helpful to you by following aspects.

  • Go to your play store, download and install my ufone app in your android.
  • Sign in or create your account to activate your app.
  • Give all information that is required
  • After successful registration tap open the my ufone application
  • By using this app you will get all necessary information as your number, remaining balance and further information as sim issue date and Your CNIC.

How to Check Ufone Owner Name and Number?

If you want to check ufone owner name and its number then this method will help you but keep in mind the method is not free your sim must be recharge to check sim number and name follow the below steps:

  • Open the messaging tab on your mobile.
  • Write a message “MNP” (stand for “my number please “) and send this sms to 667.
  • You will receive a reply from the UFONE company. This message will contain all the primary Data, such as your name, Ufone number, CNIC number, and expiry date with the connection type.
  • The cost of this service is RS 2.00 per SMS.

Ufone Number Check via SMS Code

If you have no access my ufone app then check ufone sim number by sending sms using Ufone Number check code.The process is too easy and simple just follow the below given steps and find your ufone sim check owner details.

Ufone Number Check Code

  • Code: Dial *780*3#
  • Price: Free
  • Other code: *1#

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