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Are you searching for how to check jazz sim number details and complete information? This question exists in mind of every person specially those who have forget their number due to some reasons, but they do not know as how they can check their number and further information.

How to check Jazz Sim Number Details | A to Z Guide

This is common in humans as they forget things easily especially smallest things as digits or numbers. If you are owner of Jazz sim and you have forgotten your sim number, and looking for such methods,and by using them you are aware from your number without any balance. It introduces different user-friendly services like the Sim number checking method. So, through this website, you will learn about how to check the Jazz Sim number if you forget.

If you are facing such problem how to check jazz sim data and looking for solution of this problem but unaware from codes, then this article will help you as we are providing you complete information. This content will provide you some codes and ways which help you as how to check jazz sim number. Keep reading and avail yourself from given information.

How to check Jazz sim number?

Here various methods are given by using them you can easily access to your number and find sim owner details as through codes, by sms, via call, via website, via PTA, via my jazz app, and other ways.Jazz sim is best, you enjoy many offers, free mints, jazz sim lgaoo offer, and many others. We talk about ways how to check jazz sim number details and codes.


As Jazz sim provides many offers, it also provides good offer how to check jazz Sim Number if you Forget procedure to its customers, don’t worry and check your via sms.

Follow These steps:

  • Open your mobile dial pad.
  • Type *99# from your jazz SIM and press the Enter Button
  • Now name appear on your mobile screen with your Jazz SIM number i.e. (MSISDN: 923xxxxxxxxx).

Jazz sim owner name check code

Avail from Jazz sim offers in which you can check your sim number by given codes.You can use these mobilink number check code sim number check code to check your jazz number via jazz number code list.

Jazz (Warid & Mobilink)Number Check*99#Free
Jazz SimOwner Check667Charges may apply

Check jazz sim owner name online

The easiest method to how to check Jazz sim number detail and complete information by online web chat.But this this more important for first time user it will difficult to communicate with jazz support using jazz website to find jazz number sim details.

  • You can talk with Jazz representative online and discuss about your problem.
  • You have to just visit Jazz official website, see “customer care support” or Contact Us
  • Enter your name and some other mobile number
  • Then click start chat button

Jazz Sim Number with Jazz App

If you are not interested to check your mobile by above given names, then use Jazz application and avail yourself from given information which help you to get your number information, sim issue date and your CNIC.

  • Just download and Install My Jazz App from Jazz Official Website or play store
  • Click on start button
  • Your sim number will appear on your mobile screen.
  • I hope this content will be helpful for you and makes you able as how to check Jazz sim number.

How to check jazz Sim number on CNIC id card?

There are several ways to check jazz number on id card the first one is to use PTA official website where you can enter your cnic and check how many jazz sim are registered with your id card.Jazz sim users can also use others method listed below:

  • Send “MNP” to 667
  • PTA website
  • Call 111
  • Customers Service Center


How can I check my Jazz SIM number details?

There are several methods to check your Jazz SIM number details but most simple method by dialing *99# from your Jazz SIM. You will receive a message with your SIM number, balance, and validity.

How can I check my Sims on CNIC jazz?

It possible to check how many no of sims are register against on your cnic you just need to go this link sim information system and put your cnic and all companies number of sims will show on your cnic

How can I check my Jazz SIM number without balance?

You can check your Jazz SIM number without balance by dialing *8#. This will display your Jazz SIM number on your phone’s screen.

How can I find my Jazz SIM number if I have lost my SIM card?

In case if you have lost or forget your sim number then there is two method you can pick the one is contact the helpline of jazz and provide your cnic and then they will provide your sim numbers and other is visit their nearest customer service center. You will need to provide them with your personal details and identification to retrieve your SIM number.

How can I check my Jazz SIM number ownership details?

To check Jazz SIM ownership details, you can send a blank message to 667. You will receive a message with the name of the SIM owner and the NIC number.

How can I check the call and SMS history of my Jazz SIM number?

You can check the call and SMS history of your Jazz SIM number through the Jazz World app or by dialing *111#. You will need to create an account on the Jazz World app to access your call and SMS history. Note that some call and SMS details may be withheld for privacy and security reasons.

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