How to Track Sim Card to Find my Device | Complete Guide

Sim Card is not only a piece of chip it can be used for various purpose but here details of how to track sim card to find my device in case of lost or stolen so here is best option with sim card to track your sim and find your device rapidly within few days.If you have lost your cell phone or reading this article for future information to tract mobile number in pakistan with location so make sure the safety of your cell phone.

Additionally many of people also ask the question it is possible to track cell phone without sim card then it is also possible but here we only describe the details how to track sim card to find cell phone using multiple method.

How to Track Sim Card to Find my Device | Complete Guide
How to Track Sim Card to Find my Device | Complete Guide

Why people track sim card to find my device so the reason is that many of businessman, rich people and also middle class use expensive mobile and also store important files in cell phone so in case of lost mobile they need to track cell using sim number details which is inserted in your lost or stolen cell phone.

How to Track Sim Card Via Different Methods

Sim card is a initial thing to connect the network for calling,sms,mss and data for browsing and others activities.Sim card help to connect the world remotely but more important thing it also protect your precious cell phone incase of stolen or lost.By using sim card you can get all of your sim data history call location and much more.So you should make sure sim on cnic belong to you.

Sim Track with local Authorities

There are two different authorizes who can track sim card location in Pakistan in case of lost cell phone the one is Pakistan telecommunication authority PTA which control all operated telecom network in country and other are sim provider companies.

So all Pakistani and foreigner can use their first method to call one of these authority on its help line number and ask to track the sim number which is inserted in your cell phone but before providing number make sure sim must be on your cnic and have also imei number and some other basic information your sim card which ask by company and pta assistant during call.

Sim Track by Reporting Sim Companies

In case of more important data is available in your cell phone and you are worried which can be used unexpected activated then you can contact with local police station and registered the report of stolen cell phone by provide cell phone imei details and sim number after registered complain your cell phone will be blocked nobody can use police will track phone using sim and get phone your cell phone if possible.

Important Tips Track Sim Card to Find my Device

  • Contact your mobile network sim operator and request them to provide the location of your SIM card to find device.
  • Verify your identity by providing the necessary details such as your name, address, and phone number.
  • Once your identity is confirmed, the operator will use their network to locate your SIM card
  • They will provide you with the approximate location of your SIM card, which can help you locate your device
  • If your device is not at the location provided by the operator, you may need to report it as stolen or lost and inform the relevant authorities.
  • In some cases, your device may also have built-in features such as Find My Device or Find My iPhone, which can help you locate it using GPS or other means.


To find my device using above mention method are more useful rather then others using different techniques or buying any paid services.You must try in case of lost cell phone with sim card which can be more fast and easily under the authorities support to get back cell phone in less time

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