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How to check amazon gift card balance here complete detail about amazon gift card balance checker is provided in this blog post. If you have purchased a amazon gift card but unaware from the to check their balance then do not as we are providing each and every thing related balance checker. This is very simple and straightforward method to check balance if you are recipient of amazon gift card. When you get a gift card from someone, they typically tell you how much is on it. That said, sometimes people forget to add that detail. This blog post provides you complete information of amazon gift card balance checker.

How to check your Amazon gift card balance (desktop)

  • Visit the amazon official website and hover you mouse at the button ‘your account’ on the top right of website.
  • By scrolling down to the menu, click the gift card balance.
  • Your current cumulative gift card balance will appear next to you gift card balance.

How to check your Amazon gift card balance (Android & iOS)

Open your amazon application on your android or ios device and tap the menu icon on the right bottom. In the menu bar, open the tray and click on the button and press account. By scrolling down the account setting, you will see the gift card balance. Your current gift card balance will appear.

Checking a Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming

Locate gift card claim code

By locating the claim code of amazon gift card that is about 14-to-15-digit code on the back of the card or on your email or paper recipient can check balance.  If you owned a physical gift card then it is necessary for you to scratch the protective coating on the card that covers the claim code.

By using this method, you will be able to check the amazon gift balance. If someone has given a gift card and you want to check its balance simply apply it on your amazon account.

If you are giving gift card someone but you do not want to remove its coating layer then simply get your claim code printed on recipient paper.

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Sign in to your amazon account

If you have an amazon account, then log in and by downloading the amazon app in mobile phone and sign in, then you can start chat with representative.

Search for word help

Go to the amazon search bar and enter the help button then press enter or return to search. Click the button ‘help and customer service’. It is on the top of screen.

Initiate chat with customer support agent

To initiate chat with customer support agent depends on the devices whether which is you are using. Here are steps, read them carefully.

For computer

You have to search a button that is start chatting now. If it is not available then click someone else. If both are unavailable then click on the button ‘I need more help’.

Mobile App

You scroll down and click on need more help or tap contact customer support agent. 

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