What is Electronic Sim | How to Use – Features & Tips

What is electronic sim card or e-sim, how can user use it and what is benefits of using e sim card. In this article, you will get complete information regarding this sim card. Electronic sim also known as virtual sim card or embedded sim card which are digital version of physical and traditional sim cards. Electronic SIMs, commonly referred to as eSIMs or virtual SIMs, are the technologies which being developed to make travel simpler, more practical, and less stressful. Users can get benefits of network connectivity, communication, internet flexibility and security.

What is Electronic Sim | How to Use – Features & Tips

No matter where they are in the globe, they have changed their ways to travel, interact, and remain online, overcoming the difficulties of geographic restrictions.

eSim works like physical sim card and connect user with local area network. You can make calls, messages and avail from internet facility using electronic sim card. These sim cards are just produced to make traveling easy.  The key differences between physical SIMs and digital SIMs make the e-sim the more advanced since it provides flexibility, convenience, comfort, and services that physical SIMs do not offer.

Electronic sim cards are already embedded in to smartphones, and other devices. eSIMs can only be enabled by purchasing an eSIM plan that meets your demands for connectivity and internet packages.  E-sim eliminate need of physical sim card. There are different networks in different countries, users who love to travel they have to know what is electronic sim card and if they purchase this card, it eliminates the need of carrying different physical cards according to the network.

Physical sim cards have many issues, it can be lost or stolen and various other, but digital sim card embedded in smartphones. It works at all the networks; you do not have to purchase specialized sims. In this article, each and every detail regarding this sim is give, so keep reading and get awareness from e-sim cards.Check Also: Ufone eSim Supported Phones List | Ufone Esim

How to Purchase Electronic Sim (e-sim)?

If you are businessmen or keen of travelling but worried from sim cards then best option for you to choose electronic sim card. If you are wondering how to and from where purchase sim card, then here we provide complete detail.

This can be done by purchasing a package from an eSIM provider, such as MobiMatter, via their website or application on Google Play or App Store. After downloading the package, the user has to make certain changes to their device in order for the eSIM to begin operating and provide access to its services.Read Also: T Mobile eSim QR Code | Get tmobile eSim QR – Full Guide

Once you activate the esim, it provides services to foreign carrier with internet access. Purchasing package from Mobitmatter will be beneficial for you because it provides many coverage area. If you wish to travel to China, for example, you’d need to get an eSIM with China as its coverage region. Suppose that you are visiting many Asian nations. In such situation, look for an eSIM plan that includes your destination countries so you can stay connected to the internet and prevent connectivity gaps while traveling.


Before purchasing an e-sim, you must know its benefits, which are given below;


eSim just manufactured for the Convenience of the people. Many people are aware that not all smartphones support multiple physical SIM cards, this pushes them to utilize a second smartphone for their second physical SIM card. This is problematic for many users, especially because carrying two smartphones may be stressful. In this situation, esim card is preferable for you.

eSIMs, on the other hand, provide exceptional simplicity by allowing users to connect to carriers without carrying numerous devices or physically switching cards.

Easy to switch another network

It also makes easier to use and switch from one network to another without being insert physical sim card. You’ll be able to receive phone calls and texts on both numbers all the time and choose which SIM to use for making calls, sending text messages, or using data.

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