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Are you looking for the method which describe call forwarding in android mobile phones? Is it possible to reroutes the call on secondary number? If these questions are wondering in your mind, then be happy as we are providing here complete detailed article and steps of call forwarding.

How to set calls forwarding on android mobile phones? Mostly people who want to avoid calls but they cannot switch off their mobile phones then this blog post provides you complete detail about calls forwarding on android mobile phones so, keep reading this article and get necessary information.

Calls forwarding is amazing feature in mobile phones that is already existed in mobile phone and not a new feature but mostly people unaware from this, so here we bring complete detail and procedure of calls forwarding on android. The users who are busy in their life or businessmen, they have no time for useless calls, they want to avoid such calls but cannot switch off their mobile phones so now they can avoid such calls by set up the calls forwarding setting. This setup saves your time and stress.

Call forwarding is a feature in mobile phones which reroutes your incoming calls to another number. When someone calls you, the incoming calls will be redirected or forwarded to another specified number. There is option that you can forward that incoming call to another phone such as your friend, colleague or home number.

This setting enabled your phone will not ring when people call you and this call will be forwarded to the number instead. All android mobile phones have already built in calls forwarding set up just by enabling you can avail without any technical assistance.Also Read: Zong Call Divert Code 2023 | Zong Call Forwarding Activation Code & Cancel Code

How to set up call forwarding in Android?

Regardless of the version or model, forwarding a call on an Android device is often simple and very comparable. you properly forward a call, be sure you carefully follow the instructions below.

  • You have to open phone app
  • Click the three-dot menu button
  • Visit the settings
  • Select calling account
  • You should tap on your sim
  • Click the call forwarding button
  • You should multiple options as always forward calls which may go to your desired secondary number. When you are busy calls go to another secondary number when you are on another call, when you do not want to take the call, incoming call will go to the secondary number. Call also go to the second number when your mobile phone will switch off.
  • After choosing above option, set forward call option.
  • Select enable, turn on or ok.

If you want to cancel this setting then follow same above-described steps.

How to set up call forwarding on Android using dial codes?

You can also set up call forwarding on android by using codes. Codes list is given below;

  • Calls forwarding when out of range dial *62*
  • Call can be forward by dialing *61* when you do not want to pick up.
  • When line is busy call can be forward by dialing *67*
  • When your line is busy and you do not want to pick up the call or out of range then dial *004*
  • Unconditional call forwarding dial *21*

How to use Dial Codes

  • Open your phone app on mobile phone
  • Tap on dialer button
  • Dial the code followed by the number which you want to forward. Followed by this sign #.
  • For instance, 21*123-456-7890#
  • Click on call button

Try an application

There is also another option as you can also download and install application on your android mobile phone. Which is that application, how we can forward the call to another number complete detail about such app is given here.

We know that google setting is a bit confusing and mostly people unaware from this setting so if you want to avoid useless calls but also want easy method then do not here, we bring an app that will be beneficial for you.  App name is Easy call forwarding which is made for the help of users who are busy in life and travelers.

How to use Easy Call Forwarding

  • Go to the google play store and download this app
  • Open the app
  • It will get permission, give it permission to access all contacts
  • Enter destination number and select your provider and click on save button.

This is the way you can avoid unwanted calls and save your time.

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